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Best Quality Materials: You can be reassured that the quality of materials are the core of our business. AKVASERVIS is proud to NOT produce its own materials. This allows us to select the best quality products from a handful of market leading suppliers such as Hampidjan- Iceland, Netmark - Danmark, Euronete- Portugal, Van Beelen- Netherlands, Ymuiden Stores-Netherlands, BMM (The Blue Line) Denmark and others.

We perform random independent quality testson ropes and nettings to assure continued product quality.


All of our trawls are assembled by skilled craftsmen on site and are closely monitored seniorspecialists. Also, to avoid losing valuable fishing time for gear adjustments, AKVASERVIS is able to send our trawl masters to the clients’ vessels and provide all necessary recommendations in order to achieve the best optimal catch from first hauling.

Inventory Facility

Akvaservis has a warehouse with all kinds of fishing gear products ready for delivery.  Thus we are able to supply on short notice ropes, twines, netting, wire-cables, sweep line, fender, communication cables, maritime chains, etc.

Distribution Facility: AKVASERVIS has excellent distribution channels.We can deliver commercial gear to every part and port in the world promptly. Our specialized team prepares and provides all necessary shipping documentation in a simple, fast and efficient manner to avoid delays and possible complications.

Currently, AKVASERVIS supplies and delivers to companies in Norway, Iceland, Russia, Baltic States, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Angola, South Korea and New Zealand.

Gear repair

We also carry out repairs in our workshop in Lithuania and often on a short notice our highly qualified trawl masters travel to repair your trawl. Far it may be, we will be there.

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Phone: +370 46 365 363
Fax: +370 46 340 252