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Pelagic Sirius Nord

Excellent trawl to catch Mackerel, Blue whiting and Herring in cold waters of North Atlantic and in the Northeast Asia area.

The head- and sidelines are made from high braided rope Dyneema® SK 75. The bottom line of the trawl is made with grade 95 maritime chain. The rope part is made with variable Diamond mesh made with 8-16mm nylon. The use of such materials significantly reduces the aggregate resistance of gear while trawling. Each panel has distinctive colour painting, which facilitates work on the deck in maintenance of a trawl.

The netting part is designed to reduce accidents, improve the shape and performance. It is made with 4, 8 or 16 panels/seams. The standard mesh size is 2400, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 and 200 mm made of braided models of PA fix. Connection cables and mesh parts are made to avoid trawl twisting.

Designed to catch at least 250 tonnes of fish, the recommended cod-end is 65 meters long.

Operating parameters are regulated depending on the fishing area and species of fish.

Standard parameters are:

  • Head-line length: 180 m
  • Side-line length:  136 m
  • The perimeter at the centre of trawl: 1150 m
  • Rope-part length: 187 m 
  • Net part length: 82 m
  • Length of rope + net part: 269 m
  • The length of cable: 187 m

When using 9.0m² trawl doors ​​ design parameters at the speed of 3.2 -3.5 knots are:

  • Vertical opening: 75 – 80mm
  • Horizontal opening: 100 – 85mm

The proposed design of the trawl 180/1150m "Sirius-Nord" has a similar value as "Atlantic-5N", "VONIN 864 m", "Alligator."

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