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Material Research & Development

Yarn-on-Yarn test


Abrasion resistance test


Breakage strength test


Because each manufacturer has their own product specification during Akvaservis independent rope test, several variables are considered such as:

  • Rope diameter,
  • Weight per meter,
  • Quality of fibre,
  • Quality of rope impregnation,
  • Expected minimum as per manufactures specification and maximum actual achieved breaking strength,
  • Rope elongation and elasticity.

Rope shinkage test

Turinys ruošiamas.

Chemical testing

Turinys ruošiamas.

Yarn-on-Yarn test

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Rope measuring, marking cutting machine



Gear Research & Development

Trawl simulator

trawl stimulator-f293eb9da081d6406e62d6f7f8fa8b56.jpg

AKVASERVIS use Computer-aided design (CAD) and trawl simulators to assist in early process of gear design creation, modification, overall estimated performance analysis and optimization of gear design prior any physical construction.


Flume Tank

flume tank_pagr-7a222784f651c99c33a73fad115dd2e0.jpg

AKVASERVIS often use scale-models to perform gear tests. Tests are carried out in the North Sea Centre in Hirtshals, Denmark (operated by the Norwegian Institute SINTEF).

Flume tank test enhanced understanding of trawl performance in practice, both from a gear-engineering and a vessel-management point of view. AKVASERVIS clients have solid understanding of their actual gear performance. They also have practical information in areas such as catch efficiency, fuel consumption, bottom impact, target species and size selectivity.

At the facility alterations to the gear and its impact to other areas of the gear can be easily studied. Also, the flume tank test support further gear development.

Watch flume tank video:

4 panels trawl 8 panels trawl
16 panels trawl Double codend trawl

Underwater Video Recording


AKVASERVIS often makes use of underwater video cameras to transmit trawl images during actual fishing process. Rather than simply observe the trawl in artificial flume tank, realistic video contributes to the better understanding and assessment of trawl performance which then leads to further gear development.

Real practice tested products


AKVASERVIS uses its existing long term clients to test trawls in different types of seas catching various fishes with different vessels sizes. Only after practical gear approval and feedback we recommend and promote our trawls to other/new clients.

Patented products


AKVASERVIS protects its most valuable inventions through the European and Russian Patent Office.


We would like to inform that a Lithuanian company UAB “Akvaservis”, company code 140582246, located at Minijos 169, Klaipėda, Lithuania, is the owner of the European Patent No. EP2765852 granted on March 4, 2015, hereinafter – the Patent. UAB “Akvaservis” is also the owner of the corresponding Lithuanian national patent, Reg. No. 5960, granted on August 26, 2013.

Both above mentioned patents are granted for trawl for catching fish, consisting from 8 to 16 seams.

The Patent is validated to and is granted and enforceable in the following countries:  Denmark, Portugal, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The above mentioned Patent grants UAB “Akvaservis“ the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the country where the Patent is validated or importing the invention into such country as well as to protect its exclusive rights, granted by the patent. UAB “Akvaservis” may also exclude others from selling and/ or offering for sale the main elements of the invention indicated in the Patent.

Therefore, UAB “Akvaservis” as a proprietor of exclusive patent rights to the above mentioned invention is entitled to enforce its full rights if a manufacturer is manufacturing, marketing, offering for sale, selling, importing, exporting and/or warehousing Patent protected products (4-8, 4-16 seams trawls) in any territory covered by the Patent.

Any infringement of UAB “Akvaservis” proprietary rights, granted by the Patent, may result in court action, with request for damages, prohibition of actions infringing proprietary rights, preliminary injunctions, ad-judgement of court expenses or even criminal investigation.

In view of the above mentioned, we hereby notice that any manufacturing, marketing, offering for sale, selling, importing, exporting and/or warehousing of equipment which is protected by the Patent, is strictly prohibited.

Therefore all intention of  manufacturing, marketing, offering for sale, selling, importing, exporting and/or warehousing any goods (i.e. 8 panels mid-water trawls) which are covered by the Patent and in order to use the Patent lawfully, to contact UAB  „Akvaservis“ for obtaining the license for a Patent use.




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