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Sirius trawls advantages
  • Designed with large horizontal and vertical opening, our trawls do not spook the fish and provide good collecting ability.
  • Uniform opening of the rope and net parts provides even filtration of incoming water, ensuring reduced failure rates and safe fish collection into the cod-end.
  • Lower drag resistance: is obtained by application of small cutting cycles in the net part and the use of smaller diameters.
    All of it results in lighter trawls, improves water filtration, trawl resistance and stability in water. As a result, fuel economy is achieved.
  • User-friendly, shoot and haul easily with easy-spreading ropes, Colour-coded rope part is easy to identify, which speeds up the repair time.
  • Good manoeuvrability of the trawls as they keep their shape and continue to fish while turning (no net part clogging).
  • Trawl shape is kept unchanged even after numerous repairs, offering little elongation and long trawl-life.
  • Low failure rate: the "flat fit" of fishing line to ground ensures low failure rates. The fishing line is re-strengthened with chains in such way that, in case of snag, breakings are kept to a minimum.
Currently used for sardinesardinella and mackerel by companies such as Alliance Marine, Murmansk Trawl Fleet and Baltic Atlant Fishing in Western African waters including Morrocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Namibia. It is used for Pollockhearing and mackerel 
fishery types in the Far-East in Okhotsk Sea, Sakhalin and Kamchatka regions.
Good quality materials with high tensile strength and increased wear resistance are used in Sirius trawls. We do not manufacture our materials and do select only high quality materials from third parties such as Hampidjan, Euronete, Netmark, Van Beelen, Ymuiden Stores and Brdr. Markussen. At Akvaservis you can be reassured that the quality of materials and skilled craftsmen experience are the core of our business.

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